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1 - Who we are

A FERCOS desenvolve a sua actividade, há mais de 53 anos, no mercado industrial dos Têxteis Técnicos, Revestimentos, Laminação, Colagens Directas e Colagens Sandwich com colas, resinas e polímeros HOT MELT Termocolantes nos mais variados tipos de substratos.

A vasta experiência adquirida, a excelência e exigência ao nível da qualidade e do serviço prestado aos nossos clientes satisfeitos, permite-nos garantir uma qualidade e prazos de entrega inigualáveis!


Revestimentos, Colagens directas, colagens sandwich de têxteis técnicos e outros substratos com colas termocolantes e autocolantes  Hot Melt. Os nossos equipamentos suportam rolos com larguras de 1,00 Mts até 2,80 Mts! Rolos Jumbo;

Colagens Directas ou Contra colagem consiste no processo de colar um determinado substrato a outro substrato recorrendo a colas termocolantes Hot Melt.

Revestimento com colas Hot Melt, consiste no processo de revestir um substrato com cola termocolante ou Autocolante para ser, posteriormente reactivada ou colada a um outro substrato. O revestimento pode ser total "em Filme" ou respirável; O Revestimento poderá também conferir repelência a água ou impermeabilização total.

Colagens Sandwich consiste no processo de colar vários substratos uns aos outros recorrendo a colas Hot Melt termocolantes, Autocolantes ou Reativas (PUR) .

Os substratos podem ser muito variados, por ex.: Têxteis técnicos, Tecidos, malhas, Sintéticos e imitações de pele, Tecidos Não Tecidos, Espumas (polyester, polyeter, poliuretano, latex, etc.), Cortiça, Pastas de enchimento, membranas e filmes termofusiveis, etc.


As colas Hot Melt de altíssima qualidade, podem ser resistentes às lavagens, ou não; São Ecológicas e cumprem com os requisitos da norma REACH, Oeko-Tex Classe 1, BIOCALCE, não contendo substâncias nocivas para o ser humano.

Comercializamos: Entretelas Tecidas, Entretelas Não Tecidas, Pasta de Enchimento, Feltros, Sintéticos, Tecidos Poliéster Algodão e outros componentes têxteis técnicos.
Carro Malhas


Qualidade: Controlo Automático do Peso e Largura do revestimento e respectiva rastreabilidade.  

FERCOS develops its activity, more than 53 years, in the hot melt coating and lamination market, technical coatings with high quality thermo fusible polymer adhesives.
We are a reference company when it 
comes to manufacturing and commercializing breathable, waterproof fabrics and knitted solutions for home‐textiles and technical clothing. Our 53 years experience in supplying textile lamination services, competitive in many applications and markets.

Our vision is to be on the forefront of the industry developing and manufacturing new and innovative laminates for a variety of specialized applications.

In our lamination processes, we are able to incorporate textile functionalization finishes to meet our customer's specific needs that include: thermal regulation, antibacterial, COVID-19 protection, fire protection, water and oils repellent, mosquito protection, among others.

We provide services in the technical bondings and laminations area for several industries. Our main application fields include: Technical Textiles, Paper coatings, Home Textiles, Household Furniture, Upholstery, Decoration, Fashion and Footwear, Clothing, Garment, Health Care, Sports, Protective Wear and Transport and Automotive components.

The vast experience, excellence and demand at the level of quality and service to our satisfied customers enables us to ensure quality and unrivaled delivery times!

Technical coatings, laminations with hot melt adhesive adhesives.

Our equipment supports rolls with widths from 1.00 Mt. up to 2.80 Mts !
 Working with Jumbo rolls (Max.: 600 Kg; Max. External Roll Ø 1500 mm) avoiding production stops and seams, high response capacity for high production volumes. ) ;

The investment in cutting-edge laminating and coating technologies allows us to develop innovative value‐added solutions for our clientes.

Direct Bonding or Back bonding is the process of bonding a particular substrate to another substrate using Hot Melt adhesives.

Coating with Hot Melt Adhesive, consists on the process of coating a substrate with hot-melt or Pressur
e Sensitive Adhesive / self-adhesive glue to be subsequently reactivated / bonded to another substrate. The coating can be full "in film" or breathable; This coatings can also provide water repellency or total waterproofing / Barrier.

Sandwich Bonding Lamination consists on the process of bonding various substrates to each other using hot melt adhesive, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive  or Reactive (PUR) adhesives.

The substrates can be varied, e.g. synthetic fabrics and imitations of skin, fleece, fabrics, non-Wovens (polyester foam, latex, polyurethane, polyether, etc.), Cork, filling, wadding, thermo fusible membranes and films, etc.
The hot melt adhesives ultra-high quality, depending of the final propose of the material,  may be resistant to wash or not; Are ecological and meet the requirem
ents of standard OEKO-TEX 100 class 1 and BIOCALCE/REACH requirements, not containing substances harmful to humans.

In order to reduce the harmful effects to the environment, we promote the continuous improvement of processes, practices and performance thr
ough efficient use and sustainable management of resources. 

We also Sell:
interlinings, synthetics, woven and non-woven, felt and wadding, Aluminium Foils, membranes and films (Barrier / Breathable), Fabrics and Knits with several compositions and other technical textiles components.

Quality: Automatic Coating Weight and Width Quality Control and traceability.