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3 - Nonwovens, non tissés, no tejidos




PoliSpunbond is a spunbonded nonwoven made of 100% polypropylene continuous filaments, thermobonded without chemical binders. Wide range of weights (from 20 to 200 g/sqm) and of colors.

- Good tensile and tear strength;
- sewing resistance;
- physiologically inert;
- weldable by microwaves or ultra-sounds.

- prints in one or two colors;
- U.V. rays stabilized;
- flame retardant treated (according also to FMVSS 302)

BestThermobond PA 100% Polyamide

Shoe lining made 100% polyamide staple fibres. It has fair tensile, tear and abrasion resistance.

It is supplied in the same colors range as LinThermoTec Same color fastness in the weights of 100-120-140 gr/sqm.


LINThermoTEC is designed to be used as lining in the shoe industry as lining. It is made with 100% polyamide and guarantees all the best characteristics required by this kind of use.
Machinery, processes and components, are designed to give the product good tensile strength, tearing and abrasion resistance.
It is manufactured in white and, upon request, any tone inside the color range can be supplied.
The minimum order quantity for colored versions is of 1000 lm.
Lintec is performing very well for many applications as a lining for trekking, running, sport and children shoes,
All this confirmed by SATRA test laboratory reports.
Other characteristics
- air permeable
- breathable
- soft and comfortable
- good humidity and transpiration absorption
- high tearing and tensile properties
- abrasion resistance
- color fastness to light
- suitable for lamination processes
- tested and approved by SATRA.

BestThermobond e BestThermoVis

Nonwoven thermobonded by calendering staple fibres.

Main characteristics:
- surface regularity
- softness
- thermally or by ultra-sounds weldable
- good tensile strength

Main applications:
- hygiene and sanitary items (BestThermobond PP)
- furniture (BestThermobond PP)
- interlinings (BestThermobond PA)
- “technical” coating, even for high temperature processes (BestThermobond PS)
- hydrophilic disposable items (BestThermoVis)


Nonwoven made with staple fibres of viscose, polyester and polyamide in different combinations, bonded by chemical binders. Specific feature is the dimensional stability at high temperature and the good cohesion of the fibres. Combining different properties and finishings, Texilina is mainly used for:

- depilatory stripes
- filtration media
- clothing
- hygiene and hospital items
- furniture
- embroidery
- artificial leather as coating support


One of the most significant products developed , NEWSpunJET is produced by using the spunlace technology (Hydroentangling). High pressure water jets hydroentangle the fibres creating a soft, compact and very regular non woven. Many kind of fibres can be used, and the final product properties are determined by the fibres characteristics.

Is using polyester but also different blends of fibres such as polyamide, rayon and polypropylene. A wide range of possible applications, such as:

- Automotive interiors
- Synthetic leather base
- Laminating support
- Coagulation support
- Hygiene
- Depilatory stripes

Special finishing treatments such as glue powder scattering or special impregnations (flame retardant, water and oil repellency) are available.


Spunlace nonwoven fabrics manufactured with fibres blend (polyester and rayon) suitable to be used in the cleaning and hygiene sector. They can be produced in plain or apertured version.

Toe-Puff and Counter

Polyester fibre spunlace item. The originality of this nonwoven fabric is a better high fibre cohesion. It is particularly suitable as a support for extruded resins, normally used to make toe-puffs and counters.

- Softness
- Heat stability
- Good elongation resistance
- No delamination
- Easy to stitch.

Regon Splitted SE - Regon Splitted S

Nonwoven with distinct characteristics as uniformity in thickness and high dimensional stability. It is used as backing for coated synthetic leather in the shoe industrial applications.

Regon S is also used as a counter lining when a compromise is needed between quality and price.

A wide range of thicknesses and colors are offered for:

- Leather goods
- Shoes
- Reinforcement
- Technical substrate applications

Regon Splitted T

It is a high density nonwoven with special characteristics such as good resistance, tensile strength, tearing and abrasion resistance, required for shoe linings.

Available in a wide range of colors and thicknesses (0,5 - 4,0 mm).

It is also used as a support for the worktable of the automatic cutting machinery.

Regon Splitted TT

High density and first choice fibres allow to obtain an excellent anti-slip with a range of very competitive pricing.


Nonwoven needlepunched calendered made from 100% polyester staple fibres.      

- softness
- consistency in thickness and density
- dimensional stability at high temperature.

It is mainly used as backing for the production of coated items for furniture and leather goods, in automotive sector and filtration.


It is a needlepunched nonwoven with special characteristics of regular thickness, dimensional stability and abrasion resistance which is used as technical substrates to produce coated materials for upper shoes (mainly for slippers).


Hydroentangled nonwoven fabric impregnated by chemical binders. It is used as backing in the coating transfer processes for light linings, for the production of leather goods and footwear. (Atlas 125 especially for the shank of the boot).

It's offered in different weights and colors (white, light grey, anthracite, black, beige).

Newjet impregnated - Cisellina impregnated

A complete range of nonwoven fabrics to be used as supports in the production of shoe uppers.

Thanks to the special impregnation process, it is possible to obtain the desired body and roundness, as required in the production of technical shoes.

Available also in the water repellent version.